Knitted Bags Care and maintenance of the small round dining table set

small dining table set simple living 5-piece tobey

Quick, with big needles, a bag is knitted. Then the knitted parts are sewn together and washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees. This is how the bags made of the specially-made wool turn into felt material. Quite simply can be copied with our instructions, the different bag shapes on the following pages. The felting takes over the washing machine. Since minor irregularities in the grippy structure disappear, the knitting felts are also very suitable for knit beginners and re-starters. The felted bags can also be felted with felt wool. These transform the respective bag into a very unique piece. 

Keeping furniture clean as way of maintenance

Dirt and stains compromise the state of furniture. Dining room furniture especially should be kept clean at all times. when you make purchase of the small round dining table set, make sure that it is clean at all times to avoid accumulation of stains that may compromise its looks. There are chances that food may get poured in top of the dining table and therefore it is best to wipe it completely.

Refraining from dragging dining room furniture

When moving dining room furniture such as the small round ding table set may weaken its joint and therefore weaken it. This may cut short its life and compromise the level of service you expect from this dining t6able set. Always lift the round table dining table set with the assistance of somebody else and lower it slowly to avoid breakage

Refraining from stepping and sitting on the dining table

Never under any circumstance sit or stand on the dining room table. This pace a lot of weight on one side of the dining table and weakens it slowly. Though the ‘small round dining table set’ is not made delicate, you ill damage it slowly if you sit or stand on it and this may compromise its quality.