Design ideas for a modern living room

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Without the proper ideas for designing a living room, it will not look good and feel too open or bland. So, proper ideas are needed to update the look of your modern Living Room which is an important room for your family and friends.

Your living room should look warm and welcoming for you and your guests and hence you can simply use a colour theme for your room. But if you are looking to resell your home then choose traditional colours and stay away from personal themes.

The trendy look

To give your living room a metropolitan and trendy look use artwork and brighter shades spaced well in the room. Also choose the furniture with simple features or curved lines. To avoid the living room look overwhelming choose only one or two warm colours. You can have bright colours in items like lamps or pillows or area rugs.

American country look

You can achieve the American country look using warm woods, exposed brick or pastel shades. Use vintage style living room furniture that features hand carved and rustic detailing. Always opt for clear lines and earthy tones and also use domestic and floral motifs that will pull the theme together efficiently.

Contemporary style

Soft colours and textures can bring in the contemporary style in your modern living Room. Keep the colours that are in a medium range and warm. Pale colours don’t go well with the theme and you can include soft fabrics for sofa and floor tiles.

Mediterranean look

This look is easy to create and also very popular in most modern living rooms. Natural looking colours like the sea green and sky blue can be used to create the preferred look in your living room. Using terracotta tiles and archways are great ideas and choose furniture that is simple as well as functional.

Asian style

To bring about this style in your modern living room you can include different types of textures and colours. Opt for a meditative and calm look for Japanese and use bold shades like gold and red to achieve the Chinese style.