Tips on how to design living room

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The living room is very important as guests and visitors of a home are lodged in the sitting room. This occurs in homes where there are no parlors or drawing rooms. Hence, guests are received in the living room. The living room serves as a room for relaxation and hence, the room itself has to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. This is possible when the living room is creatively and stylishly designed to look beautiful. The design of a living room can transform dull and boring home into a home filled with excitement and fun.


In designing a room, there are experts who are specialized in designing and decorating rooms in a home. However, occupants of a home could design the living room themselves. To those interested in designing their living rooms, here are some few steps on designing a living room.

To design a living room, one has to put many things into consideration. The first thing a person has to do is to ponder on what he intends to use the living room for. The answer gotten from this would determine how the living room would be designed. Designing a living room is divided into 3 parts. These parts would be briefly explained in the following paragraphs.


PART 1: Arranging Furniture

In arranging the furniture, there are 4 basic things to be done. They are

  1. Determining the living room’s function
  2. Keeping the entrance clear
  3. Making sure it is possible for one to move around the room
  4. Designing to fit the room’s size

PART 2: Lighting the room

In lighting the living room, the things to be done are:

  1. Creating layers of light
  2. Installing a dimmer
  3. Making the light fit the function of the room

PART 3: Adding Accents and Décor

  1. Hanging a mirror to make the living room open
  2. Covering the floor of the living room with a large rug
  3. Hanging arts on the wall
  4. Adding plants to the living room