Various library bookcase we usually see

amish serenity triple library bookcase with beaded back

A library is a place for book lovers and book readers. A library is usually seen in schools, colleges, universities and some us also have a library in our homes. The most common thing that is seen in a library are books and bookcases. Without proper library bookcase, a library can’t be complete. There are various types of library bookcases that we see nowadays and with modern times the libraries are also getting modern with stylish bookcases. There is a long list of library bookcases that we usually see out of which few are discussed here.

Traditional large bookcase

The traditional large bookcases are the most common ones used for keeping lots of books at one place. Many large bookcases are attached together in the library room so the most number of books can keep in them. Big libraries like the Trinity library have library bookcases of the size of one or two storied buildings. When there is these type of bookcases the library bookcase gets a new meaning to it. People who have a huge book collection and also a big house go for the traditional large bookcase.

The revolving bookcase

The revolving bookcase may be one of the latest additions to the library bookcase list. We usually see this type of bookcase in the bookstores but modern libraries have also opted for the revolving bookcase. The revolving bookcase is certainly the most attractive bookcase as it is in a constant motion. The bookstores and libraries which have a revolving bookcase highlighted are definitely more attractive than those which don’t have one. The famous interior decorators are even suggesting the revolving bookcase for homes as it adds an extra charm in the room.

Bookcase with drawers

To keep the important and expensive books safe in a library the bookcase with drawers is used. There are always some books in every library that are rare and also very expensive. These books require extra attention and care. Normal library bookcase certainly can’t provide the safety these books need and for that almost in every library we can see some bookcases with drawers.