Tendance déco salon – un mix de couleurs et de meubles trendy à adopter en 2017

Tendance déco salon – un mix de couleurs et de meubles trendy à adopter en 2017

Tendance déco salon – un mix de couleurs et de meubles trendy à adopter en 2017

When working with a small bathroom, try to focus on ideas that create more space or create an illusion of more space. The most popular ways to do this are with vanity, mirrors and lighting. By using suitable sizes and distance techniques you can get a small bathroom that is as functional as a larger one.

Vanities: One of the best ways to use a vanity to maximize space in a small bathroom is to install a wall-mounted vanity. Choose a vanity with plenty of storage space underneath and it includes drawers. This way, you can remove the towel racks from the walls and either install them on the inside of the cabinet doors or simply store the towels in a box. Another popular option for creating more floor space is to choose a vanity that fits in the corner. In this way, what is used would otherwise be used as a waste space.

If you prefer a floor standing vanity, choose a small vanity or even a small pedestal. To recover the storage space lost by doing so, install in-depth shelves. These options create the storage space you need when creating the clean look of more floor space.

Mirrors: Even if you can't use mirrors to really create more space, you can use them to create the illusion of more space. Proper use of mirrors can add length, depth and width to your small bathroom. There are several ways to do this. Use the largest mirror possible over your vanity to reflect as much of the room as possible. This will create an illusion of more depth in the room. If you have enough space, you can place two smaller mirrors on opposite walls, with the mirrors facing each other. This creates the illusion that the room does not end. If your room has a shower, you can also change the shower door with mirror door.

Lighting: Correct lighting can be combined with windows, lamps or both. Be sure that whatever lighting option you choose, all corners of the bathroom are well lit. Having dark corners leads to the bathroom becoming smaller.

When you decide to decorate the windows in your small bathroom, consider using clean or lace curtains. This enables more light, which means that the room seems larger. If integrity is a problem, try replacing the glass in your bathroom windows with matte, etched or colored panels.

You can also use several techniques with light fixtures. Try installing a strip of light over the main mirror; This will be amazing light and create the illusion of more space. Built-in lighting can also be good. By lowering the lighting in the walls and ceiling, you will maximize your wall space so that less is more appearance. You don't have to feel cramped in your little bathroom anymore. The following tips above can help you create a bathroom that feels and looks bigger than it really is. Add space and give it your personal touch.