100 copies d’élèves totalement hilarantes ! Les profs ont de quoi s’arracher les cheveux parfois ! – Page 24 sur 24

100 copies d’élèves totalement hilarantes ! Les profs ont de quoi s’arracher les cheveux parfois ! – Page 24 sur 24

100 copies d'élèves totalement hilarantes ! Les profs ont de quoi s'arracher les cheveux parfois ! – Page 24 sur 24

Be careful when working on your drawings and paintings that seek visual perfection. Even if you can produce exact copies, make sure you don't miss the key component ...

"The best pictures have their own sense of life"

It doesn't matter what species you work with ... Oils, watercolor, acrylic, pastels, ink, coal, pen or chalk. Each has its own painting and drawing quality. In good hands, each has its own personality and character ...

In the hands of a skilled artist, the character and personality of the art medium can be influenced by the artist himself ...

  • An oil painting has depth and texture that can be flattened by turpentine or linseed oil or other thinners
  • The surface texture can be disrupted by applying the oil balance straight from the pipe with a knife
  • There are other additives that can be used to thicken oils more

An artist who works with acrylic also has a wide range of additives to thickness and thin color concentration. It also has the advantage of being water-soluble ... which means that watercolor style paintings can be created.

Watercolor lists also have many tricks and techniques ... including wax resistance.

For drawing, you also have the choice to work with burnt wood (carbon), graphite (pencil) and ground stone (limes and pastels). Each will give you different qualities.

The truth is ...

It is not the material of the substance that makes a drawing or painting look good ... That's what the artist does that makes the difference.

  • It is the artist who gives a painting a sense of life
  • It is an artist who gives a sense of movement to a drawing
  • It is the artist who knows what the nature of carbon can give to the quality of his sketch

Reality is it if you are not ready to get to know the target medium you choose and understand what it can do for you ... You will struggle to get the best results ... Your paintings will be average at best

If you are not prepared to train your drawing skills with graphite, carbon or ink ... while drawing drawing media you use will disappoint you.

Your best art comes from ...

  • Your hard work and effort
  • Your commitment and commitment
  • Your knowledge of the art materials you use
  • And your artistic style

Keep on ... having something really fun with your artwork ... Give your art a little heart. Let your character and personality shine through in your drawing and painting.