+150 tenues que vous devez posséder dans votre garde-robe

+150 tenues que vous devez posséder dans votre garde-robe

+150 tenues que vous devez posséder dans votre garde-robe

What is it to be? "This is the day the Lord has done" or, this is the Lord's day.

What do you think of when you think of God?

Many have their own idea of ​​God, and what God is, and also how and when Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was born. Are we not surrounded and flooded with false concepts that can be given to us by people around us, and sometimes do we swallow what they say? We have to check things - always!

"I like God like this." Actually, it doesn't matter. It's just an idea in your mind - an idol or a fantasy of imagination.

Why is this so important? Well, it determines our destination and destiny when this life on earth is over, and meanwhile, our understanding of what God really likes things, everything else, including how we pray.

The psalmist teaches us that God is always in love and kind and his faithfulness continues to every subsequent generation.

If God is not good then we have no reason to pray, but because God is good, God's plans for my life will always be good.

Everything is not good, but when it is compiled by someone who knows what they are doing, the result can be very different. On their own, different ingredients for a cake do not taste appetizing good, but when handled in a good way, the consequences can be very different.

Joseph had a bad time over many years. During a long season, much of his life was downhill. He ended up in prison, overlooked and neglected, yet at the right time Joseph became prime minister of Egypt and rescued the whole nation from starvation during a serious famine.

His brothers planned to harm him, but God made evil plans for good.

What can they around you try to do to get you down?

What can happen in your life that makes you enjoy giving in or giving up?

What can worry you deeply and it has disturbed you for a few weeks and months and sometimes it disturbed you for years?

There is an answer.

There may be more than one answer - but the one that really works is in the love and mercy and grace and forgiveness and peace of Jesus Christ.

We have to choose sometimes.

We have to make choices, no matter where or not we should reach out and take and embrace and get the help available.

Be open and let the soothing soothing healing touch every part of your being.

"Our loving living God, come close now and serve every part of my being. You know what I need right now.