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Why to choose a bookcase or bookshelf

A bookcase or a bookshelf is furniture made of shelves always used to store books or other art work. They are mostly used at home, public library, schools and also offices to store books and files. In the design, they are suited with the glass doors to prevent the paper pollution and also protection of the essential assets from the public. The doors are also looked when a confidential thing is being kept. The doors are always glazed so that the spines of the books can be read.

The design

The bookcase is designed in such a way that they contain two or more shelves. Their sizes range from small, medium to the tallest. The shelves can be made in a manner that they are fixed or mobile this will depend on the use and where it is located. In the case of rental houses the portable one is mostly preserved because it does not interfere with the wall of the tenant but where the room is entirely devoted to the keeping of the books then it can be made permanent.

A bookshelf in most cases does not stand on its own. It always stands on a a piece of furniture or a desk. The shelves are made according to the size of the book. Large books are always arranged horizontally on the shelf but the very large books are made arrange flat on wide shelves. When deciding on the bookshelf, you should decide on the one which suits you most and should consider the best one to use. Space is another factor to consider when deciding on a bookshelf and you should make sure the space suits you well.

The use of bookcase or bookshelf

The use of bookshelf started long time ago and it improves with time. The modern bookshelves are of different designs and they maximize on the space. In case the shelf is for the use of public like the public library, there are tags indicating the kind of the book contained in the shelf and this brings easy accessibility and also time saving. The arrangement of books in the shelf also makes the office to look very tidy and fashionable.