When faced with undersized dining rooms, small dining tables to the rescue!

round dining room tables with leaves round expandable

More often than not, we find ourselves living in small apartments, rather than big castles that we’ve dreamed of since infancy. This obviously means saying goodbye to a huge dining hall and the massive oak trestle that might have been passed down in the family for generations. But, just because the room is too small, doesn’t mean you have to give up all hope for a decent dining table too. Why, how many of us want to spend the rest of our lives balancing trays on our lap anyway? And so here I am, telling you that all you need to do in such a scenario is this: Go small! And yes, it wouldn’t make you any less classy or sophisticated!

When faced with the problem of undersized dining rooms, small dining tables come to your rescue. And in my opinion, they are no less elegant than the old colossal oak ones. Here are a variety of tasteful choices, in case you too want to go small too!


It is a well known fact that round tables seat way more people than the rectangular ones do. So if you decide to get a small dining table that’s round in shape, you get to enjoy your dinner parties without guests needing to duck each other’s elbows. Pedestal tables also leave more space unhindered around the table, since they steady the round top on a central support.


A folding table sets a trend when treated like the space saving gem it is. The card table may have a dull reputation, but it folds flat and is easy to stick in the back of a closet, behind a sofa or even under the bed. Once you hunt for one with some character, it might even be one of the classiest and most interesting choices that you have ever made.


The ultimate small dining table is the bistro table, with its characteristic pedestal design. It is often round, but is always of postage stamp size. Even the smallest of bistro table has enough space for two plates, two glasses, some silverware and the obligatory flower vase in the middle. A bit innovation on the part of our mind can make this table seem stunning. Meals served on stacked plates and slender stools that push under the table could be the only accessories that this small dining table ever needs to glorify our rooms.

And there, you have a gorgeous dining table in your little dining room! Small, but classy. Perfect for our modest home.