Which kitchen dining table sets should be bought?

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When you are about to buy Kitchen Dining Table sets, you need to keep an eye on the following factors. Once you are aware of these facts, you can choose the best set for your kitchen.

  1. Shape of the Dining Table
  2. Type of Dining Table
  3. Size of the Dining Table
  1. Shape of Dining Table

People spend only around an hour on the dining table but will spend much more time than this in kitchen doing other household activities.  In such case you need to check whether the dining table around your kitchen will cause any discomfort or not. For rectangular kitchen prefer rectangular shape and for smaller kitchen prefer round shape of the table. For dining table in kitchen the shape should be such that there is enough open space for kitchen works.

  1. Type of Dining Table

Dining tables are of various types based on its shape, functions and purpose. Nowadays folding dining table is much preferred so that one can utilise the space more efficiently. Further, the uses of engineered construction materials are providing luxury and comfort to the buyers. One can buy a solid dining table or light-weight foldable dining table based on one’s need.

  1. Size of the Dining Table

For Kitchen Dining Table Sets, size is basically determined based on the space available and the number of seats to be accommodated. The standard sizes of the Dining Table are-

For 4 persons sizes will be around (in Inches)

Rectangular:       36´48 (Length ´ Breadth)

Round:                 36-44 (Diameter)

For 6 persons sizes will be around (in Inches)

Rectangular:       36´60 (Length ´ Breadth)

Round:                 44-54 (Diameter)

For 8 persons sizes will be around (in Inches)

Rectangular:       36´78 (Length ´ Breadth)

Round:                 60-70 (Diameter)

Beside these sizes additional space is to be considered for manoeuvring around the table. Chairs should be kept at some standard distance from the wall. Once we are aware about the shape, size and type of the dining table, we can easily decide which Kitchen Dining Table Sets will be more efficient and economic.